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Howdy and Congrats ! U have found the Easter Egg {grins}

"Pay NO attention to that man behind the curtain !" LOL Yeppers, I B the Wize Old Wiz. Some of U know me as Bill the Barber, others know me as Billie Dean, some know me as the Wizard of DOS or the Wizard of AHS, and I have 6 who know me as Pops {bigger grins} 5 daughters and 1 son - also as of 1999, 1 grandson.

However you know me {or even if we are just meeting} I will always say, "No Problem - Always happy to help." {biggest grin} I am a strong and firm believer in the FREE exchange of knowledge and resources. This is the fundamental rule and the greatest factor in the success of the Web. Not since Plato's time has there been such an excellent forum where young minds can glean the knowledge possessed by their elders. Yes, capitalism is alive and thriving online, BUT it would not be so without the FREE tech support found so easily online and provided by the majority of servers and hosts {Internet Service Providers}.

We at Merkury Consulting support the efforts of our clients and colleagues and promise to provide as high a quality of tech support possible. This will include not only support online, but also support in person when the need arises.

What qualifies us to offer such support? Let me tell U a bit about myself. I B the Wiz. I started messin' with systems back in the early 70's. My first system was a TI994A from Texas Instruments. I chose it because the other choice was a system made by some typewriter company called IBM. Didn't sound like any contest to me? LOL Live and learn {grins} The TI was still a fabulous machine with speech capabilities. I wanted my system to talk to me for personal reasons. A monitor? NOT! As a monitor, I used my old 9 inch Sears color TV set {That was my first TV. - grins} That don't date me too much, does it?

The TI did not have a Hard Drive { the IBM did } and you stored your data on a cassette tape. There was a TI BASIC {Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code} and an Extended BASIC tape that I started playing with. I was hooked. I took to programming like a duck takes to water.

DOS 2 was on my next system. A proud 286 Compaq portable. A bit wiser this time, I passed on the Compaq with the 11 inch floppies. Now you know why the next floppies were 5.5 inch. Yeppers, cut them in half. I had a 5 MB drive that was tremendous in size to the Jurassic period {Legacy} systems. I progressed through all the MS DOS as they came out. Created BATch files for hours on end at night just playing around and trying to make the system as user friendly as possible. My wife is not computer friendly, so I had a batch file that allowed her to type her name and her HomeWord program would start up. Problem was, she could never get on the system cause I was always on it. LOL It was during the mid 80's that I selected a name for my future retirement business: "SystemS SetupS"

I first met Clay in early 90's. I would hesitate to guess how many systems we setup. He could probably say for certain. That is why he is the financial Wizard behind Merkury Consulting. Should you have a hardware configuration problem and if we do not know the answer, we will help you find the resources needed to make an answer.

I have studied Fortran, Pascal, Assembler, BASIC, COBOL, and a few other acronyms. I am full of stories and history of what makes computers tick. I can explain several of the inner mysteries of a system on a binary level. I can expound on the interaction of office systems and Intranets. If I don't dazzle you with my brilliance, I'll baffle you with my BS. ROFL. I can speak fluent geek speek and I butcher the King's English with literary license and email rhetoric.

I am also a 'lurking' member of the HTML Writer's Guild {HWG}. Although a lurking member now, there are a large number of my replies in the HWG archives. {Hint: Type in "Wiz" to search the Archives by 'Author'} For an excellent HTML Resource site, go to This is a mailing list where members answer a variety of questions not only about HTML code and advances, but also about business ethics and such online. Speaking of business ethics and such, that is an area where Merkury Consulting excels !

My first profession was barbering with a smattering of other vocational experiences. I took all the courses I could find offered by SCORE on SBA and business principles. I have attended K-State, Emporia State University, a few Community colleges, and a couple of Vo-tech schools. Enjoyed them all immensely and even learned a few things that still apply to E-Commerce.

Mark Twain said, "I never let school get in the way of my education."
Say it again, Sam.
{LOL, just a little play on words there - grins}

Clay is the guiding vision, and principal of Merkury Consulting, we met in the early 90s, hit it off, and have been collaborating ever since. Clay likes to boast that "we never met a computer we couldn't fix", even if we have to replace every single component in the box, LOL.

Clay has a business background from the U of K & E {that's Knocks [as in hard] and Experience [as in plenty of it] }, he has managed, owned and finally turned his hand to consulting in the business world. He has studied at University at Cal State Hayward, and several community colleges. Clay believes in continuing education and is attending part time a community college presently to prepare for various certifications in the computer field. He is the business and financial end of Merkury Consulting, and enjoys interacting with clients on a personal basis. Clay is also a Certified Para-Legal, and an expert on current computer component prices in the marketplace. Clay likes to research cutting edge technology, and test beta programs. He makes sure the money to run our business continues to flow in, and it's a good thing cause it allows us to upgrade our tools to better provide our services to the community. If it was up to me, ……well we all know I just don't have a head for money. Clay wanted me to issue a personal invite to anyone that he is always available to meet with and get to know our clients and prospective clients.

If you are wanting to learn more about Web page designing, programming, upgrading a computer, etc., U have but to ask. The Wiz is always anxious for apprentices. I have learned much from all the apprentices I have ever had the pleasure of taking a quest with.

Drop me a line sometime. View the awards presented to the Wizard of DOS.

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Clay Heitman, Owner - Merkury Consulting

Wizard of DOS, WebMaster for Merkury Consulting