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Y2K 'FIX' Disclaimer

Can you recognize the scams for the 'Y2K bug'? Yes, we all feel better if we can DO something, anything, to combat this mythical bug {grins}.

The date you change following the six steps listed is the date that feeds application software IF the software installation wizard code is asking for the 2 numeral input field. Again, the Y2K bug is solely restricted to software and is NOT a hardware issue. {NOTE: Your Motherboards BIOS is still considered as software for purposes of this disclaimer. Yes, it can be argued either way, but would still have same results.}

Please do NOT yell at Bill Gates thinking he left a bug in his Windows Program {grins} I have found that Window has been Y2K compliant {compliant enough for the normal user} and he should be wished well for his efforts to detect any problem areas.

The only results of the change you made will be to cause any poorly written installation codes to possibly NOT find a valid input for a 2 digit year variable field. May wish to reconsider installing that program. IF you feel there is nothing 'date sensitive' in the program you wish to install, feel free to return the "Short Date Style" setting of yy. This short field is used as I say only for install programs seeking such code and will not effect the system.

Yes, we all feel better if we can DO something, anything, to combat this mythical bug {grins}. Now you know the awful truth. Changing this short date format to yyyy does not effect Y2K as the majority of people view it. But, it does no harm and you will discover what companies use proper code variables {bigger grin}

Now your computer should work correctly and you have just fought the Y2K bug and won. Also, as stated, the yy part of the date was used by installation and/or setup of your programs. Should you experience any difficulties with a program in the new year 2k, simply reinstall the problem program and all should be self corrected :-) If not, give me {the Wiz} a holler and I will be happy to help. While Merkury does not provide tech support of 3rd party software, we are often made aware of patches and fixes for a large number of applications. Always happy to pass on to anyone on a need to know basis. Don't ya' just hate Spam? LOL Sometimes I read the more humorous ones.



Email settings disclaimer:

NOTE: I have found that the Outgoing Mail MUST have 'mail' entered IF {and only IF} you are using your Merkury account as a forwarding for external online email services - such as Yahoo, Juno, etc. Change the Outgoing to 'mail' ONLY if the entry '' causes errors when sending mail.





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